Digital Freedoms – “My camera is my weapon”.

Originally posted on Amnesty ICM 2013:
Panic Button is an app designed for smart phones that sends out a GPS distress signal if activated. (c) Amnesty International Written by Remzi Cej, Chair of the Newfoundland and Labrador Human Rights Commission, Canada, @remzicej “My camera is my weapon”. These are the words of Nariman, a Palestinian woman…

On similarities between Kosova and Crimea

Much has been said recently about similarities between Crimea and Kosova’s declaration of independence, mostly by Vladimir Putin and others advocating for a Russian Crimea, such as the Russian state-supported media. Others have tried to examine this comparison further in the face of blatant disregard of facts. I’ve been following the debate from the sidelines, trying…More

On male dance and its disappearance

Men have been part of the dance tradition in the Balkans and the Middle East for a long time, but socially and culturally assigned gender roles and expectations have segregated them from being equal partners in an entertaining, exciting, artistic, and enjoyable activity to passive viewers of an art predominated by women. Most of the…More

A brief summary of Bill C-31 and why it matters to Canadians

Bill C-31 is the omnibus refugee bill that will most likely be read in the House this week. The bill has been seriously criticized by Amnesty International (PDF file), UNICEF Canada, Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers, Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Canadian Bar Association (PDF file), and numerous other groups for its complete disregard of basic…More